BTS’s V Hits Over 1 M Followers On Spotify After Opening Eastern European Markets

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Not long after BTS’s V revealed that he would be releasing his first mixtape soon, his Spotify page has reached over 1 million followers as fans wait in anticipation for the mixtape drop.

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V has officially released two songs on his Spotify page, one being the drama Itaewon Class soundtrack “Sweet Night” and the other being “Even If I Die It’s You” from the drama Hwarang in 2016.

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V has hit over 1M followers with no other separate promotions and only two original soundtracks from dramas, proving his power once again.

Chartmasters revealed on July 27 through their ‘highest gainers of the week’ that BTS ranked sixth with V at number 54.

| Chartmasters

As of July 14, Spotify opened their platform to 13 Eastern European countries and saw an increase in followers after the expansion of the market. V ranked first for the most gain in followers since the expansion to European countries.

Russia’s social media platform Vkontakte’s K-Pop community ‘Deer Zone’ K-Pop fan club ranked V at number 4 for being the most popular Korean solo artist.

V’s “Sweet Night” has also made an all-kill on Europe’s iTunes Top Song Chart, the second artist after Psy in the U.K., and first on German iTunes Charts. He is also the first Korean solo artist to hit number one on the Hungarian Singles Chart.

Source: star news