BTS’s V Gives His Honest Opinion On An ARMY’s Tattoo

He said exactly what he’d wanted to.

On Weverse, an ARMY posted about their new tattoo, asking BTS‘s V what he thought about it.


As soon as he spotted the post, V didn’t hold back and gave his honest opinion about their new ink.

At first, he took the ARMY’s parents into account, saying, “Your parents are going to scold you.” After getting that out of the way, V gave his honest feelings:

But, it’s pretty.

His two-layered response had ARMYs gushing over how cute his answer had been, striking the perfect balance between thoughtful and caring.

What do you think of V’s fun yet understandable response? Now that Jungkook has debuted his many tattoos, ARMYs aren’t afraid to show theirs off as well.