BTS V’s Visuals in Hong Kong Made Him Look like Computer Graphics

Is he real?

BTS recently performed in their LOVE YOURSELF world tour concert at AsiaWorld Expo Arena in Hong Kong where every member showed off their individual charms and graced their fans with yet another spectacular performance.

But there was one particular member flaunting blue hair who drew a lot of attention from fans.

Throughout the performance, V used accessories such as bandanas, berets, and glasses to give off a refined vibe.

Photos of V have been shared on social media and online communities, and the results are pretty spectacular, to say the least.

The photos portray V to be so handsome that it almost looks like computer graphics were used to model the real idol.

There’s no doubt that it’s also his natural good looks, but it also helps that he was sporting such a vibrant hairstyle and colored lenses that made his eyes pop.

Check out a few more photos of V looking like CG below:

Source: Insight