BTS’s V Inherited More Than Just Good Looks From His Dad

He gave V one of his most charming qualities.

BTS‘s V is the total Prince Charming package, and that’s thanks, in part, to his dad!

When V shared this old photo of his father, it was like seeing V from another decade.

It’s clear from these photos that V and his father share many physical similarities, but V has also inherited his father’s charm.

V has a way with words that makes fans’ hearts flutter, whether he’s speaking Korean, English…

…French, or any other language!

A fan on Weverse asked V how he learned to speak so charmingly. They wanted to know who he learned it from. “From my dad,” V replied in a comment.

At the time, V and his father were enjoying some father and son time, hanging out together while drinking strawberry juice. What a lovely father-son combo!