BTS’s V Is The International Playboy Of The 2018 BBMAs

V’s striking looks and charming ways won many hearts that night.

While Jungkook was busy usurping Jimin‘s “Ab King” throne, V was stealing Jungkook’s “international playboy” title at the Billboard Music Awards.


BTS‘s social butterfly charmed every female celebrity he met that night, including Bebe Rexha.


The two singers had an awesome time jamming out together to Kelly Clarkson‘s performance…


…while taking selfies and making Instagram stories.


This meeting was a long time coming for Bebe Rexha. During a live broadcast last year, she told fans about how she nearly met BTS backstage at the American Music Awards while BTS was giving interviews.


She may have missed her chance back then, but she and V certainly made up for lost time!


One of fans’ favourite meetings of the night was between V and Tyra Banks. The top model instantly fell in love with V’s bubbly personality and stunning visuals.


V happily struck his best Vogue poses when Tyra asked him to model for the cameras.

Jimin enjoyed it too!


When the two first met, V’s reaction couldn’t have been more adorable. This visual god of the East literally “wowed” in awe at this visual goddess of the West!


Can’t you just picture them strutting down the catwalk together?


A.R.M.Ys would buy every single item at that fashion show!


Later, on Instagram Live, Tyra Banks fangirled about meeting with V and the rest of BTS.

“How cute are they? Cute as in fine as hell.” – Tyra Banks


Welcome to the A.R.M.Y, Tyra!

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V’s list of BBMA lady friends doesn’t end there! He and his members also posed for photos with Rebel Wilson


Taylor Swift

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…and Ciara.


In every single one of these meetings, V was the perfect gentleman. This comes as no surprise to fans, who praised him for his sweet interaction with Laura Marano at last year’s American Music Awards.


During their hug, V was all manners all the time!

Check out his perfect “manner hands”.


As BTS’s popularity continues to soar, the members are making new fans and friends every day. There’s no telling which female celebs V will captivate next!