BTS’s V Isn’t The First Member Of The Group To Try To Pole Dance

This moment was iconic 😂

Recently at the after-party of CELINE‘s Paris Fashion Show, BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa made headlines with their hilarious attempts at pole dancing.

Pole dancing — especially of the more serious and professional kind — is rarely seen among K-Pop idols. The most well-known instance of a K-Pop group performing the difficult dance style is possibly After School when they trained for months for their “First Love” music video and performances.

Because of this, it’s always surprising to see an idol interacting with a dance pole, and it’s actually not the first time that a BTS member has tried dancing with one!

In 2018, Vogue did an interview with the K-Pop boy group called “24 Hours With BTS in L.A.”. During one portion of the interview, the members were treated to a party bus that included, among other things, a dance pole!

BTS on the party bus | Vogue

Though the entire interview wasn’t recorded, this moment of RM… Dancing(?) with the silver pole was captured in a clip…

… And according to their interview, RM wasn’t the only member that tried to dance on the pole, but Jin did as well!

Reactions to this resurfaced clip are being met with hilarity and relatable reactions.

BTS pole dancing lessons when? 😂

Source: Vogue