BTS V’s Japanese Fanbase Creates Adorable “Clothes For Trees” Project

These will melt your heart!

BTS‘sis well-known as the most popular K-Pop idol in Japan. He often has many fan projects dedicated to him and a lot are from his Japanese fans!

Recently, his Japanese fanbase organized a project for him called “Clothes For Trees,” in which fans dressed up trees in colorful scarf-like knitted clothes related to or reassembling V or his BT21 character TATA.

| @EHEHjapan/Twitter
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| @any93352/Twitter

V has an immense impact in Japan, as he is the only solo Korean idol to reach #1 on iTunes Japan with “Sweet Night” which is still charting now.

Even a book that V shared was his favorite has become the #1 best seller on Amazon Japan three days after his interview was published.

How adorable is that project!