BTS’s V And Jimin Tried To Become Announcers And They May Have Found A New Calling

Is there anything they can’t do?

During BTS‘s latest “Bangtan Bomb” video, V and Jimin decided to try out a new career path as announcers.

While the group took a break from filming, V and Jimin grabbed hold of a microphone and decided to cause some chaos. After V did some vocal warm-ups, Jimin treated everyone in the room to a flawless version of “Dynamite.”

It wasn’t long before V decided that the microphone could be put to better use. V channeled his inner announcer into finding his phone with the same catchy jingle and strong voice you hear in the supermarket!

The person who has Kim Taehyung’s phone, please come to the director’s chair. I repeat, Kim Taehyung’s phone. Thank you.

— V

Not one to miss out on the fun, Jimin grabbed the microphone with his own announcement and seemed to get the impression town to a tee.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for supporting Korea Express… [inaudible sounds]

— Jimin

Jimin couldn’t hide his excitement at the accuracy adding, “Doesn’t it go like this? I don’t know what they’re saying.

Even after the shoot was fully in swing, Jimin couldn’t help but repeat his star performance with not only a new rendition of “Dynamite” but his impression of a Vice-Principal calling a student to their office.

Of course, Jimin and V are perfect as part of BTS, but it is good to know that they have even more talents that fans don’t know!

You can’t watch the whole video below.