BTS’s Jimin And V Show Support For This Female Idol During Her Performance

This is what friendship looks like!

BTS‘s Jimin and V were spotted cheering for OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee during the girl group’s “Remember Me” performance at the 6th Edaily Culture Awards.

The three K-Pop stars are known to be good friends, since they have attended the same school. Seunghee once answered on a questionnaire that she is close to Jimin, V, and TWICE‘s Jihyo and Jeongyeon as well.

“Close Celebrity Friends? TWICE’s Jihyo, Jeongyeon! Girl Spirit Members! I also have friends… High school friends V and Jimin!”

— OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee

BTS members jammed out to “Remember Me” when the performance began.

As Seunghee’s part came on, Jimin and V both started cheering.

Look how supportive V and Jimin are!

Fans found this small interaction to be endearing – especially because a long lasting friendship such as this one is rare in the industry. See the full clip below:


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