V’s Letter To Jungkook Mentions This Ordinary, But Beautiful, Moment

Fans found the exact moment that inspired V’s letter.

Sometimes the most beautiful moments in life aren’t the big ones, but the small ones. BTS V‘s birthday letter to Jungkook is the perfect example of this.


Last year, V wrote a touching letter to Jungkook in celebration of his 21st birthday.


The letter mentions a specific moment when V was watching Jungkook play with his dog, Yeontan.

Jungkook-ah, I see you in front of me right now. How are you? Happy Birthday. I see that you’re busy with Tannie right now. My eyes are always on you. I love you. You’re very lucky to be able to spend your birthday with ARMY! Have a great time on this special day.

— V


Now, eight months later, fans believe they have found the exact moment mentioned in this letter. On May 23, BTS uploaded a Bangtan Bomb that was filmed on the same day as Jungkook’s 2018 birthday celebration. In it, Jungkook plays with Yeontan while V looks on in the background.


This moment is brief and easily missed, but V’s letter proves that these little moments can be the most meaningful.