BTS’s V And Jungkook Are All Smiles After They See That The Prize Is A Yummy Snack

How cute are they!

Fans of BTS know just how honest the members are when it comes to their feelings, but they also know that it’s pretty easy to make them happy too!

Netizens recently posted on an online community board showing just how simple it is to lift their spirits.

In a previous video, Jungkook came in last place, but it didn’t take long for him to smile regardless of the results!

V: Ah so we just get stuff like this…Oh! Oh this looks good!

Jungkook: Seventh place is a square snack.

V: This this this this this this!

Jungkook: This is yummy.

V: This, this is really good!


And of course V was just happy as can be that Jungkook shared his snack with him!

Fans that saw this couldn’t help but smile with them!

  • “Buy a thousand more snacks little babies!”
  • “They are so cute I can’t take it!”
  • “I love seeing V and Jungkook together…it’s the cutest!”
  • “They are like little kids! So cute!”
  • “I love that BTS are clear on what they like and dislike. There is no in-between!”
Source: theqoo