BTS’s V Caused This Independent Artist To Completely Sell Out

BTS’s Midas touch strikes again!

BTS‘s members have the Midas touch and now, thanks to V, it’s making one artist’s dreams come true!


In her Twitter bio, Kate Rowland describes herself as a: “designer of fun jewellery, illustrator, lazy runner, feminist. A confused British person in Japan“. Among other things, she creates wooden brooches and pins with a simple but eye-catching aesthetic. They typically sell for between £5.00 ($6.00 USD) and £25.00 ($31.00 USD).


On June 10, Rowland received an influx of unexpected orders from South Korea and Japan. At first, she had no idea what was happening, but it didn’t take long to find out.


V had been photographed wearing her paint palette brooch at the airport! It’s the perfect accessory for V, who loves to paint in his free time.


The brooch, which is laser cut from sustainable plywood and painted with a rainbow of colors, sells for £10.00 ($12.00 USD). It is now completely sold out. Before the day was done, Rowland had to stop taking orders because she couldn’t keep up with the demand!


These matching paint palette earrings have also sold out. Like the brooch, they are currently available for preorder.


Rowland now refers to June 10 as “Paint Palette Day” and she’s currently working on making more of the brooches that V made famous.


She has also been using her newfound exposure and popularity to pay it forward by promoting other independent artists.


Check out more photos of V rocking Rowland’s beautiful brooch below: