BTS’s V Branded A Hypothetical Liquor Company By Using Wordplay

He came up with a name that Dionysus would approve of.

V‘s out of the box way of thinking is truly one of a kind. His artistic mind is always creating, even when he’s preparing for a performance!


On July 24, BangtanTV dropped a new “Bangtan Bomb” entitled, V’s idea of loving art. In it, BTS are chilling on stage in their “Dionysus” outfits for a prerecording on Show! Music Core.


“Dionysus” is a party anthem, inspired by the Greek god of wine and the grape harvest. This song has lyrics about drinking liquor, and this got the wheels in V’s head turning.


He proposed a new brand name for a soju company: “Yae-Sool”. Yae-sool (예술) means “art” and sool (술) means “liquor”. The company’s slogan would be “this liquor (sool) is really an art (yae-sool). 


When V consulting his older members about the idea, Jin–aka the CEO of Jin Hit Entertainment–weighed in with his business savvy.


Even so, V sent a video message to the world’s liquor companies in the hopes that one will make “Yae-Sool” a reality.  If they do, he promises to try it!


If “Yae-Sool” doesn’t already exist, someone may want to hurry up and trademark it! For more, check out the whole video here: