BTS’s V In This Live Broadcast Rocking The Boyfriend Look Has All The ARMYs Claiming Him

He is ARMY’s forever.

BTS‘s V is always a visual king, but he really rocked the boyfriend look in his most recent live broadcast and left his ARMYs breathless. In a simple white tee and basic black hair, V looked like your average boy in his casual loungewear – but then of course, nothing about him was average.


V stopped a million hearts with this look. In his glasses and messay hair, V was the perfect boyfriend material – with a hint of nerdy and a ton of sexy. Fans can’t believe how fancy V can make a bland white T-shirt look!


V continued to wow the fans with his ethereal beauty throughout the broadcast…


… even as he talked about random things like hamburgers…


… but the real climax was when V decided to take the broadcast to his bed.


He got comfortable by spreading himself out on the bed. The white sheets and his white tee all made his face pop even more. ARMYs had quite the trouble trying to survive this visual explosion.


Here’s V fixing his pillow… while looking like computer graphics. ARMYs can’t grasp how he can look so good, wearing the simplest things, doing the most insignificant things, and not even trying.


V sweetly said goodnight and ended the V Live. ARMYs are calling this V’s most legendary broadcast yet, with the perfect amount of closeness, coziness, and crazy visuals!

Here’s your seven minutes of heaven: