V Confesses That He Burst into Tears When a “Friend” Didn’t Invite Him to His Birthday Party

He comforted a fan going through friend troubles with a little story of his own.

In recent days, a past broadcast of BTS‘s V talking about the time he was bullied as an elementary school student resurfaced in online communities.

This broadcast took place back in 2017, and a fan confessed, “I fought with a popular friend. What if I lose my other friends because I fought with this one?

In response, V shared his own story and said, “I went through something similar when I was in elementary school. I almost lost my other friends because of him.

V explained that this friend was outstanding in both school and sports and thought of V as someone who was below him but still continued to be “friends”.

According to V this friend once invited all his friends to his birthday party but told everyone the location of his party except for V.

As a result, V ended up roaming outside for 3 hours with the gift he bought him and had to him numerous times before he found out the location.

V confessed that soon after he got there and gave him the gift, he ran out crying saying it was time for him to go home.

V then wrapped up his story by saying, “I received an apology from him 2 years later and we even continued our friendship to after I debuted. Even if you fought with a friend, just telling them that you have no hard feelings toward them will make you make up quickly.

Source: Insight


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