BTS’s V Lived TXT’s Soobin’s Dream And Hadn’t Even Known It

Soobin’s going to need that footage.

Out of all the funny moments between BTS and their little brothers in TXT, there’s a past moment of V that has fans cracking jokes about him and how much of a Bebe Rexha fanboy Soobin is.

When the group made an appearance at the Billboard Music Awards back in 2018, they were seated right in front of no one other than Bebe Rexha.

During Kelly Clarkson‘s short cover of Shawn Mendes‘s “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”, not only did V get the songstress in the video he was filming with his phone…

…but they were able to enjoy the performance together. He and Bebe excitedly nodded their heads along to the beat as they sang the lyrics. If that’s wasn’t enough for anyone to be jealous of, especially Soobin, there’s more.

Wanting to document the moment, Bebe Rexha totally went for it and placed a hand on V’s back to get his attention. It seemed like she was asking for one photo.

Instead, she ended up with a recording of the two of them for her Instagram story. The interaction between V and the singer had fans cracking jokes about how much Soobin would’ve loved to be in his place.

Their memes of how Soobin would react to seeing the clips were too funny, especially since Soobin has mentioned on numerous occasions how much he loves all of Bebe Rexha’s music. Being able to record video and hang out with your favorite artist would be a dream come true.

For Soobin, meeting Bebe Rexha would’ve been amazing all on its own, anything other than that would’ve been a major bonus. Soobin doesn’t have to worry, though.

He’s already on his way to meeting her one day, having reached her notice for saying he’d want to collaborate with her.

Since the clip V filmed with Bebe Rexha has never been released, who knows if Soobin was able to take a look at it? Watch the interaction that fanboy Soobin is waiting to have. When he finally meets her, everyone will be more than happy for him.