BTS V Looks Like A Prince From The Stars In Latest Stage Outfit

V wore a shimmering jacket at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and it very nearly stole the show.

BTS recently appeared at MAMA and stole the show when they performed their hit tracks “Fire”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, and “Boy Meets Evil Pt. 2”. They even went on to win the award for Artist of the Year. BTS’s performance, however, was not the only thing to steal the show at MAMA. BTS’s V received lots of attention and praise for the jacket he wore at the awards show. He appeared in a sparkly golden blouse that he wore underneath a dazzling sequined jacket and the look turned heads everywhere.

Check out the eye-catching jacket below!

Look at the way that jacket shines!
The thousands of sequins reflect sparkling light on V’s dazzling face.
V gives us a peek at that shiny golden blouse… and a sliver of a little something more.
Even the buttons on his blouse are shiny. What an outfit!
V basks in the admiration of his fans, while we bask in the glory of his flashy outfit.
V knows how dope his outfit is.

What do you think of V’s dazzling, fashion-forward jacket?