One Time BTS’s V Completely Lost His Way Because Of ARMY

He was waving to fans, and then this happened.

BTS‘s V once forgot where he was going and what he was supposed to be doing, because of his adoring fans.


It all happened just before BTS’s first-ever Asia Artist Awards in 2016. That year, BTS would receive a nomination for the “Popularity” award and take home the “Best Icon” and “Best Artist” awards.


After taking photos on the red carpet, the members headed out to the awards ceremony. On their way, they were greeted by reporters and fans.


As V was waving to dozens of ARMYs, he walked past his members…


…and became totally disoriented!


As V turned around in circles, trying to find the right place to stand, everyone around him couldn’t help smiling.


V eventually picked a spot on the end. The rest of the interview went smoothly, despite its awkward beginning.


After it was over, V ran off right away, possibly to avoid getting lost again?


Relive his cute confusion by watching the whole fancam below: