BTS’s V Loves One Specific Shirt So Much, He Keeps Reusing It

Can you guess which it is?

BTS‘s V is a certified visual from head to toe.


He can pull off a full range of looks at all times, be them stage outfits…




Or somewhere in between.

Arguably his best attire, however, is casual clothing.


Plain shirts aren’t plain at all when worn by V, and there is one design in particular that he loves almost as much as ARMYs do on him.


This is none other than V’s Celine Classic T-Shirt In Celine Printed Jersey which retails for $450 USD.


He wears it everywhere, such as in performances.


He also wears it during online broadcasts.


He wears it anytime and anywhere he wants.

V easily turns heads wearing the shirt.


He’s a total stunner no matter what!

Source: Celine