BTS’s V Loves To Play Hide And Seek And The Members Find It Just Too Darn Cute

V is such a silly boy.

BTS’s V is known for always surprising and playing pranks on the other members. Luckily, the members just find it cute and love to go along with his little games.

Previously, V, who was waiting for the members to return from the grocery store, heard the door opening and quickly ran to hide.

He was so rushed he even threw down all the cards he was holding!

With no actual place to hide, he opted to crouch down under the table.

But as soon as the members came inside, Jimin spotted V right away.

Although he saw V, he held in his laughter and acted like he wasn’t there.

J-Hope spotted V next and also acted like he didn’t see him.

V, who made eye contact with the two members, struggled to keep from laughing!

RM, who was on the other side of the table, still hadn’t discovered V yet.

Jimin and J-Hope hinted to RM to come over to the other side of the table.

After coming around and spotting V…

…RM couldn’t help but laugh and give V a little love!

We all love our dorky little V and his cheesy hide-and-seek pranks!

Watch the full video below of the whole prank!

Source: theqoo