BTS V’s “V Mask” Explodes In Popularity on Maple Story

Are you part of the “V Mask” cult?

BTS recently surprised fans by collaborating with Nexon‘s Maple Story, a 2D MMORPG. The members personally designed a few items to be put into the game.

V‘s design was extremely unique and made quite a few fans laugh. When the items dropped, his “V Mask” went viral and sold out in the game.

| @VarietyKV/Twitter

V’s adorably creative item was said to be “a gift for those who love unique fashion.” It has formed a huge cult following in the game and many have gathered together while wearing it.

| @Taehyungangel11/Twitter
| @bts_sci/Twitter


Fans have been talking all about it on Twitter today.

Fans have even started creating fanart for the items the boys created!

What was your favorite item?