V Proved to Be the Definition of Masculinity in BTS’s Recent V Live Broadcast

V’s workouts have been paying off.

In the midst of their world tour, BTS recently still made some time to hold a V Live broadcast for their fans while chilling at their hotel in comfortable clothing.

While every member shined with their own individual charms, V drew particular attention with his masculine visuals.

When Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook were joking around in their hotel room, V suddenly appeared and made all hearts skip a beat.

He was looking so good that even Jungkook commented, “Wow, your body’s looking good.

In response, V looked a little shy at first, but he then confessed, “I just came back from working out.

In the footage, it can be seen that V was looking especially masculine with his muscles standing out in the black shirt he was wearing.

V’s sexy visuals even put Jimin in awe and led him to touch his chest and stomach in admiration.

V has been engaging in frequent and consistent exercise recently, and it appears to be paying off because, with his new physique, he has become a man of all-around perfect visuals.

Source: Insight