BTS V May Be Preparing To Make A Solo Debut As A Rapper

Fans claim that these videos of BTSshow that V has found a new passion and he may soon want to make his solo debut as a rapper.

BTS is known for having members that are talented in rapping, but one of their vocalists seems to be making his way to also becoming a rapper himself. V is definitely not shy when it comes to expressing his interest in rapping, especially if it’s a Cypher song.

Check out BTS V showcasing his talent in the videos below:

During a live broadcast, V gave the fans a preview of the rapping skills he has and did not miss a beat while rapping along to “Cypher Pt. 3”.

To see his different level of rap skills, he rapped along to “Cypher Pt. 3” at a fan meeting. Even though he made some mistakes along the way, he never stopped trying. At another event, he was even seen rapping along to BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang”.

With “Cypher 4” out, V now has new material for his rap skills to showcase. He playfully got the audience and J-Hope involved in his mini-performance.

After watching his other members, V can always take the opportunity to learn some tips and tricks for his future rap performances. He’s definitely already has the excitement part down.

After expressing his love for rapping, V finally got the chance show off his rapping skills by performing “Cypher Pt. 3”. Fans were able to go behind the scenes and see how hard he practiced for his performance. Bonus: it also looks like V is coming for GOT7‘s BamBam‘s title of “The King of Dabbing” with how many times he dabbed during his performance.

With his amazing rapping skills fans shouldn’t be surprised if V makes a solo debut as a rapper one of these days!