BTS’s V Reveals The Member Who He Believes Has Changed The Most

Suga agreed with V.

In a recent interview with NTV‘s Music Blood, BTS‘s V revealed the member who he believes changed the most.


BTS was asked, “According to the members, who do you think matured/grown the most? Has changed the most?

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

V picked J-Hope!

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

J-Hope was a little surprised, and V then explained that he didn’t think J-Hope would become the extremely cheerful person he is now! Suga agreed and said that J-Hope “wasn’t like this” before they debuted. J-Hope couldn’t help but laugh listening to the members.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

The members then teased J-Hope a little and said that he became cheerful because of his stage name, and J-Hope once again laughed.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!