BTS V’s Mic Was Cut Off, So Here’s His Secret Message To ARMYs

V’s message came through loud and clear—if you knew what to look for.

Since online concerts are happening live, there’s bound to be technical issues. That’s what happened to BTS‘s V during their recent concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E.

Still, that didn’t stop his message from getting to those who knew what to look for.

At the beginning of their “Boy With Luv” stage, V stunned with his handsome visuals that no one could help falling for. Although his microphone hadn’t been turned on yet, that didn’t stop V from delivering a special message to fans.

Holding their magical purple umbrella, V walked backwards. With a smile that could melt someone’s heart all on its own, he grinned and mouthed, “ARMY.

He then mentioned how much he’d been wanting to see fans, “I miss you,” followed by an adorably shy look. V then finished his secret message in the cutest way.

Perfectly fitting the purple theme of the stage, V announced his love for all the ARMYs that are waiting for them. “I love you.

Even a turned-off microphone can’t stop V’s love from reaching all the ARMYs that care for and support them.

Check out V’s secret message in “Boy With Luv” that says just how much he “purples” ARMYs.


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