V’s Mom Is Taking Good Care Of Her Seven Sons, BTS

V’s mom might have you wishing that she’d adopt you too.

When debuted in BTS, his mother went from having one son to seven!

V is an affectionate person who goes the extra mile to take care of his friends, and he seems to have inherited that kindness from his parents. Although V’s mom prefers to stay out of the spotlight, her love for her “sons” hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans.

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In a recent episode of In the SOOP, BTS prepared to drive back to the lake house for the rest of their vacation. Little did they know that V had a surprise for them.

Some moms play favorites, but V’s mom loves all her boys. She prepared snacks for each one of them to keep them well-fed on their trip.

The members were amazed and thankful…

…and they let their “mom” know it by saying how delicious each bite was.

V is a-okay with sharing his mother’s food, but if that food was served in his containers, you’d better give them back ASAP! V’s other “brother”, Choi Woo Shik knows what will happen if you don’t!

Bring back the kimchi container.

— V

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