Phone Camera Photos of BTS’s V Have Fans Wondering If They’ve Been Retouched

It’s as if his face made low-quality photos into high quality.

BTS recently held a global fan meeting in Busan where they also shared special moments with their fans in Korea after a long tour abroad.



During the concert, all 7 members stood out with their individual charms, but V drew particular attention with how he turned out in low-quality phone photos.

On the evening of the performance, V appeared in black hair and a clean suit that made him look absolutely elegant.

And what proved V’s visuals to be at another level was the difference between the high-quality photos and the low-quality photos taken of him.

Regardless of the quality, V managed to effortlessly show off his stand-out facial features and unmatched charisma.

Despite the low-quality photos being unclear, V’s handsome face was still perfectly portrayed as if his level of good-looking has reached a whole different level.


Luckily, fans in Busan were able to witness this themselves, and more fans will get a chance in Seoul during their upcoming fan meetings scheduled for this weekend.

Source: Insight