BTS’s V And NCT’s Mark Wore The Same Sweatshirt But Served Totally Different Vibes

They both served major looks!

BTS‘s V and NCT‘s Mark are both style icons in their own right!

BTS’s V | @braveyOOki/Twitter
NCT’s Mark | @YUT4PRlNCE/Twitter

V and Mark’s styles overlapped recently when they both rocked the same sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was designed by ACNE STUDIOS, and it’s called the “Brown & Beige Argyle Sweatshirt.” This argyle sweatshirt costs $470 USD.


V wore the sweatshirt while filming “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?” for Vanity Fair‘s YouTube channel.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

V completed his look by pairing the sweatshirt with light brown slacks. He also wore a pair of brown open-toed shoes that look a bit like loafers at first glance.

V’s slacks and shoes lent a professional vibe to the sweatshirt. He looked like a successful businessman who was headed to the office!

Mark wore the same sweatshirt during filming for NCT 127‘s virtual date videos, which were released as part of their promotions for Sticker, their latest album.

| 시즈니/YouTube

In the video, Mark falls asleep while hanging out with his date.

Mark’s pants weren’t visible because he was covered by blankets while filming, and he was likely barefoot since he was lying in bed.

Mark served boyfriend vibes while wearing the sweatshirt. His slightly tousled hair added a casual feel to the sweatshirt, and he really looked like a boyfriend who just woke up!


Same Fit, Different Vibes