BTS’s V Doesn’t Mind Having His Fan Cams Photograph Him From This Angle

Because no angle can stop his beauty.

For most of us, the angle from which a photograph is taken can make it or break it. There are the best angles, then there are the okay angles. And of course, there exists certain angles that just do not make a person look attractive at all. So a lot of K-Pop idol fan cam accounts try not to take pictures from such angles – and even if they do, they tend not to share such unflattering photos. For BTS‘s V though, none of this matters – because he is simply too good-looking to be bothered by angles.

v main

Hence, V’s fan cams are free when it comes to photographing him – from the front…

v 2

… the side…

v 3


… and the infamous under.

v 4

Even from this otherwise horrendous angle, V manages to shine…

v 10


… with his flawless skin, masculine jawline, and beautifully shaped nose!

v 8

In fact, V’s fans pointed out that even V’s nostrils are good-looking!

v 6

This angle, actually, is referred to as the “Handsome Nostril Angle” among fans who love V from all sides.

v 11


Thanks to V’s ethereal beauty, and his confidence in himself, V’s fan cams don’t quite have to worry about the angles from which they photograph V…

v 7

… because no matter where the camera comes in from, V will look breathtaking!

v 9

. . .