BTS’s V Once “Checked Out” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa’s Dance Moves — And You’d Totally Laugh After Finding Out The Reason Why

The reason for V’s reaction is definitely hilarious!

When it comes to showing facial expressions, the members of BTS are absolute kings!

They may be surprised…


…or even stone-cold neutral, and all of their facial expressions are definitely on point and related to their current feelings.

One particular member who shines in this talent is BTS’s V.

V is known for his intense duality, which means he can go from cute to sexy in just a matter of seconds, as ARMYs can see from his facial expressions and body language.

And in addition to his adorable “derp” faces…

…V is also known for his “honest reactions” caught on camera.

One particular reaction of V’s was during an awards show while BTS members were watching MAMAMOO‘s performance on stage. During this time, Hwasa had a particularly intriguing dance move which involved her touching her bottom and going low.

While watching her, V had this expression on his face.

And while fans initially thought this meant that V was “checking Hwasa out”…

…the truth is, V may be intrigued with Hwasa’s dance move because it was the same one he used previously in one of their videos!

The reason certainly made you laugh, didn’t it? Now that you’ve had your fun, are you ready to be “attacked” by V instead? Check out V’s extremely sexy reaction when a male fan called his attention: warning, it may be too much for your heart!

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