BTS’s V Once Revealed Jimin’s Strange Habit When He Showers

This is one unique habit.

While BTS‘s V and Jimin are good friends, that doesn’t mean that they are shy when it comes to “exposing” each other.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

During BTS’s 2nd anniversary, the members were talking about how Jimin tends to leave his bags and bandannas everywhere.

While Jimin tried to explain himself, the other members immediately stopped him from speaking and allowed V to explain this “issue”.

V shared that Jimin tends to leave his bandannas on the bathroom floor and that they’re always wet.

RM was a bit confused about why the bandannas were wet. V then revealed that Jimin tends to wear a bandanna when he showers and that when he’s done, he just leaves the bandanna on the bathroom floor.

The members couldn’t help but laugh over Jimin’s unique habit and even teased him for it.


After some teasing, Jimin finally spoke and revealed that he wears a bandanna when he showers due to neck pain.

Here’s the full video below!