BTS’s V Has One Remarkable Habit Every Time He Can’t Control His Laughter, And No, It’s Not What You Think

No, we’re not talking about his boxy smile — find out his special habit here.

It’s so adorable how different members of BTS have different habits when it comes to laughing.

For example, every ARMY knows Jin‘s windshield wiper laugh.

And of course, you’re not a certified ARMY if you haven’t noticed Jimin‘s eye smile every time he expresses joy in his face.

But are you familiar with V‘s habit whenever he laughs, too?

If you’re thinking about his boxy smile, no, that’s not what we mean.

We’re also not referring to his eye smile which makes the angels sing.

One of V’s most noticeable habits whenever he’s laughing…

…is he tends to cover his face with his hands whenever he’s laughing.

He does this every time he’s flustered, or whenever he tries to stop his laugh but he can’t.

It’s so adorable because you can just on his face how hard he tries to stop laughing, but he simply can’t…

…especially when his hyung J-Hope randomly decides to twerk in front of him!

Maybe it’s the reason his members want to make him laugh so much — every time to tries to get serious again, he massively fails and he laughs some more.

It’s so obvious, just like this moment when they were all surprised, but V was the most surprised one because he dropped his water bottle during the announcement.

Even though V covered his face once again to keep himself from laughing, he couldn’t stop — especially when all of his closest friends were also laughing along with him.

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