BTS V Reveals How He Overcame A Bully That Used To Make Him Cry

Here’s how he overcame his bully

During a personal broadcast titled Kim Tae Hyoung’s Counselling Session, BTS V shared his hurtful past when he was bullied by his classmates when he was younger. He was comforting a fan who was going through rough time with her friends, and he shared his personal experience.

” I also once almost lost all my friends because of this one friend I had. ‘My friend was good at school and good at sports and did everything well, and I was just average. We were close, but then I started to feel like he didn’t think of me as his friend, but rather as someone inferior to him. I had noticed that, but we remained friends anyway.”

— BTS’s V


Then he revealed on the friend’s birthday, his friend purposely told him the wrong location for the party and V ended up showing up at the wrong place.

“I didn’t know where to go, so I waited outside for three hours with the gift certificate while trying to figure out where I should go. I went there and gave him the present and I said, ‘It’s time for me to go home now, so I’m going to leave.’ and left. I remember crying so hard as I walked home.”

— BTS’s V


However, V suggested that the communication is the key to resolving difficult friendship issues at times.

“It was actually revealed later that he was extremely jealous of me. After some time had passed, he confessed that he was jealous, because I got along so well with our friends. Honestly, it was something that happened in elementary school, and we were still young. He sincerely apologized to me around two years later. We had been awkward for a while because of that incident, but because he apologized sincerely to me, I thanked him.”

— BTS’s V


V also emphasized that being honest and sincere between friends are truly important. Although it’s completely normal to be jealous of your friends, it is also crucial to be able to admit the truth as long as there are no malicious intentions behind it.


Source: Insight

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