Here’s How BTS’s V Ended Up Buying A Painting From A Dallas Artist

Now this is a story worth telling!

A Dallas painter sold not one, but two of his paintings, to a complete stranger for the first time in his life.

This complete stranger turned out to be BTS’s V!

Previously, the members of BTS walked into the Kettle Art Gallery, in order to avoid being hit by the rain. The gallery owner, Frank Campagna, wondered who they were as they were followed by security and a camera crew. After hearing that they were BTS, who was in town for a concert at the Fort Worth Convention Center, he remembered seeing them on the news before.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Out of all the artists who had their work exhibited at the gallery, this day would be one to remember for artist Marc Dominus. At the time, he was a 65-year old painter who had only sold his work to friends.

Dominus remembers a pink-haired young man approach him, wanting to buy two pieces of his work.

The paintings were 24 x 36 acrylic on canvas. I painted them about ten days before he bought them. As a matter of fact, he had bought two of the most recent paintings I had done.

— Marc Dominus

These paintings, which were vibrant in color, were sold to V for $450 USD a piece.

| Marc Dominus
| Marc Dominus

A fan also reached out to Dominus and received a back story about his interaction with V that night.

| @agirlinthepark/Twitter

This was a night that Dominus would never forget.

That night, not only did I sell a painting to a complete stranger, I sold two paintings to a complete stranger. An extraordinarily famous stranger.

— Marc Dominus

Source: theqoo


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