BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum Spotted Together in Another Best Friends’ Reunion

Park Bo Gum gave tribute to BTS through his caption.

On February 18, Park Bo Gum posted new photos of himself and BTS‘s V along with the caption, “Hoping for more good days” on his official Twitter account.

The photos show the actor with his best friend, V in comfortable clothing while showing playful facial expressions to the camera. The two stars’ distinct features and heartwarming friendship were clearly conveyed in the photos.

It is suspected that Park Bo Gum’s caption was referring to BTS’s song, “Two! Three! (Hoping for More Good Days)”. He also proved their strong friendship by adding a purple heart to the caption, which is a common symbol of BTS.

The friendship between Park Bo Gum and V started when Park Bo Gum was active as a host on KBS’s Music Bank.

Since then, they maintained their strong friendship and even went on a trip to Jejudo together.

Here’s hoping that their friendship remains strong in the years to come!

Source: Insight


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