Here’s BTS’s V Having The Most Perfect Timing…And Also The Worst

Either way, we love watching him!

We all know that BTS‘s V is a god on stage, and sometimes he proves it just by his gestures. These are the times when he is perfectly coordinated, making the performance ten times more epic. There are other instances, however, when he doesn’t quite get the timing right. Either way, V has shown us time and time again that watching him can be so much fun!

Check out a few examples below!

1. Perfect Timing

When he raised his arm the moment fire ignited

When a balloon popped while he was facing backwards

When he grabbed the food with amazing dexterity

When he easily caught the shuttlecock

2. Good Timing

When the drumstick flew off as soon as he hit it

When a piece of paper hilariously fell into his shirt

3. Bad Timing

When he tried to get a bottle of water…but gave up

When he blew the candle out too late

When all he wanted was RM’s hat

When his magic trick was exposed

When he couldn’t escape the camera

When he *subtly* left the stage

Whether he has perfect timing, good timing, or bad timing, V is always perfectly coordinated!

Source: theqoo


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