V Got Pranked By BTS’s Vocal Line And His Reaction Has Us Wheezing

V got the surprise of a lifetime from his prankster members.

BTS‘s sneaky members love to prank each other, and this time was the target.


In Episode 70 of Run BTS!, BTS stayed at a 3-bedroom rental house while in Canada for their 2018 Hamilton concert. As always, the first order of business was choosing rooms. The member who had achieved the highest score (Suga) through games and missions got to choose his room first, and the member with the lowest score (V) chose last.


The catch was that each member had to decide on a room without knowing which of the other members were already inside.


Since V had the lowest score, he would choose last. He predicted that he would end up sharing with JiminJ-Hope, and Suga, but he was only 1/3 right!


Like the rest of his members, V put a lot of thought into choosing his room, knowing that he would not be allowed to switch.


He picked the biggest room, which Jimin had also chosen.


V was elated, thinking that he and Jimin would have the room to themselves, but…


Surprise! Jin was there too…


…and so was Jungkook! He had been hiding like the world’s cutest monster under a bed.


V couldn’t believe his bad luck, but the real joke was on all of BTS.


Four of them had chosen one room and three had chosen the other, which meant one bedroom was empty!