BTS’s V Has A New Nickname That’s Straight Out Of A Marvel Movie

His “character” could be the next great Marvel superhero.

BTS‘s V has a brand new nickname to add to his list, and it might be the best one yet.


Over the years, V has acquired many monikers, including TaeTae (short for “Taehyung”), “Mr. Lindo” (Spanish for “beautiful/handsome”)…


…and CGV (because his visuals are beautiful to be real).


Now, V is also the “Prince of the Wind” or “Wind Prince”, thanks to RM. He earned this new nickname in Episode 81 of Run BTS!, when BTS played virtual reality (VR) games.


V soared gracefully through virtual skies as if he really was one with the wind…


…and he looked super handsome in his superhero mask.


Since the episode aired, fans have found photos of the Wind Prince controlling his element…


…and they’ve turned him into a Marvel superhero!


“Marvel’s Prince of the Wind“. Now that’s a movie we’d pay to see!