BTS’s V Promises To “Keep Going” Until Every Single ARMY Has Seen Him Perform

And he is a man of his words.

During the final concert held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, wrapping up their world tour, BTS‘s V shared that he — like the fans — doesn’t want the night to end.


In his speech, he commented that BTS now has a single night left in the adventure that was the Love Yourself : Speak Yourself world tour (as of October 27, 2019). He was sad to see such an amazing experience come to an end…

We now have one night left of the concert… but honestly, we want to keep going.

— V


… and he pointed out that he understood how many ARMYs have been unable to come see the group perform live.

And for ARMYs who haven’t been able to see us live yet, we really want to give them the chance to come hear us perform too. I mean, I want everyone to have seen us.

— V


To which, he then promised, to “keep going” until the day comes when every ARMY has seen BTS perform live!

So, until such a time comes, we’ll keep going. We’ll keep making music, we’ll keep releasing albums, and we’ll keep holding concerts and performing.

— V


V’s promise has deeply moved ARMYs, making them feel like their love and support are being reciprocated. As long as ARMYs live on, so will BTS! ARMYs can’t wait to continue watching them make music and perform everywhere around the globe.


Watch the full clip here: