BTS’s V Recognized A Fan In The Audience ⁠— Try Not To Feel Jealous

This ARMY’s special moment with V was captured on camera.

Imagine going to a concert and having your bias not just see you, but recognize you. For one lucky ARMY, this wish came true!


On June 1 and 2, BTS performed their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself shows at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The concert was full of memorable moments, including one between and a fan in the audience.


At one point, V stopped and looked right at a fan, whom he recognized.


According to fans who were at the concert, he said something along the lines of, “Hi. Yesterday? That was you? I remember/saw you”…


…then walked away, smiling.


Fansite LUNARMY_091, who took the video, said that V was interacting with an ARMY standing behind them.


To this day, ARMYs are wondering how this fan survived such a deadly encounter with V’s cuteness, and many would love to be in her shoes!