These Two Top Idols Were Just Discovered On The Cover Of Marvel’s “Runaways” Comic

They were hidden in plain sight:

Although it’s not unheard of for K-Pop to crossover into western pop culture, no one was expecting to discover two top idols from different groups on the cover of Marvel‘s “Runaways” comic.

Back in July 2018, Marvel published the eleventh issue of their popular “Runaways (2017-)” series. The beautiful artwork and interesting story captured many hearts as soon as it was published…


But it wasn’t until very recently that K-Pop fans discovered two idols were hidden in plain sight on the cover!


Among the crowd of people on the cover, fans have discovered Red Velvet‘s Irene and BTS‘s V!


Both drawings showcase the idols when they rocked purple hair. For Irene, this was from her “Russian Roulette” era and down to the hair clip details they definitely nailed her look.


As for V, they chose a specific moment in time from “War of Hormone” era and put in the tiniest detail from his leopard-print glasses to his necklace!


Fans have been absolutely stunned by the discovery and have been sending some major love to the author and illustrator of the comic.


Now if that isn’t an amazing crossover, what is?