BTS V Responds To 9 Year Old’s Letter In The Most Adorable Way Possible

“Stay healthy, stay happy, and when you get a little older, we should meet.”

After reading a 9-year-old boy’s viral fan letter, BTS‘s V decided to personally write back!

Yoon Ji Hoo sent an adorable fan letter to V, and V decided to write back to him in the same adorable way!


V tweeted his response to the boy’s letter on the official BTS Twitter account.

The caption reads, “Hoping this finds its way to Ji Hoo.”


V promises his friendship to Ji Hoo and encourages him to stay strong.

“Thank you so much for being BTS’s fan. It’s so nice that you’re listening to our songs, watching our shows, and dancing along to us. I’m going to be your friend from now on too. Stay healthy, stay happy, and when you get a little older, we should meet.” — V


V was witty enough to cutely end the letter in the same way Yoon Ji Hoo did.

“My arm hurts too. I’ll write again later. Bye!” — V


As a side note, V drew a smiling version of Tata, which is a character he developed, and added, “Tata is smiling now.”

The boy mentioned in his letter that he would like Tata to smile and V reacted to the boy’s wish!


Shortly after V’s tweet, the boy’s mother updated everyone through BTS’s fan cafe with what happened to the boy since V’s tweet.

“I had just gotten home from my in-law’s place when the first notification came. Then, I got chat alerts so I checked my phone. I was so surprised and hurriedly checked the BTS Twitter account. When I read the first few words that says it’s to my son, I stood there frozen and tearing up… When my eyes met Ji Hoo’s, I couldn’t stop crying. I handed the phone over to Ji Hoo. He went screaming and jumping around all over the house. He was so excited V said they’re friends now. Then he ran into his room, got under his blanket, and started crying so much… TT-TT Now he has calmed down a bit. He has a poster of BTS, that he got from his cousin, on his wall and he went up to it, touched V’s face, and said “Thank you for saying you’re my friend.” I stood behind Ji Hoo, watching and crying. This all happened because of the other fans. Everyone made Ji Hoo’s dream come true. I’m so grateful to everyone. Thank you so much for everything, V.” — Yoon Ji Hoo’s mother


Fans are in love with V’s heartwarming gesture. Now they simply can’t stop wondering if V is indeed an angel.


It’s been decided! V is definitely an angel on Earth.