BTS’s V Reveals That “Blue & Grey” Wasn’t Supposed To Be On “BE”, Here’s What Happened

V originally had different plans for this song.

BTS recently held a live broadcast in celebration of their newly released album BE. During the live broadcast, the members went over each track on the album, and for the track “Blue & Grey”, V revealed some interesting details.

BTS’s V | Big Hit Entertainment

V participated in writing both the melody and lyrics for “Blue & Grey”.

However, this song was actually spoiled before it was officially released, as it was played briefly on BTS’s staycation show, In the SOOP.

Not only that, but V also revealed that “Blue & Grey” was originally supposed to be put in his mixtape.

However, when they were shooting In The Soop, the other members ended up hearing “Blue & Grey”, and they thought that it would be great if it was put in BE.

After hearing this from the members, V immediately started working on the Korean lyrics for “Blue & Grey”, as the song was originally in English. V then got the song approved by their company (Big Hit Entertainment), and it got put in BE.

Here’s the full audio of “Blue & Grey” below!

Source: V LIVE


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