BTS’s V Reveals Which Hairstyle He Likes Best…And Honestly What Doesn’t Look Good On Him

What can’t V pull off anyway?

We all know BTS’s V is the king when it comes to visuals and style, but have you ever wondered what his favorite style is for himself?

Recently, the members held a live stream for their comeback and reacted to their “Life Goes On” music video. During their reaction, V asked them to stop at a certain scene. “Stop! This hairstyle was really cool.”

Let’s take a look at what hairstyle he’s talking about a bit closer, shall we?

V rocked this hairstyle at the end of the “Life Goes On” music video when all the members wore white as they performed on a stage.


This clean yet simple hairstyle added charm to his already breathtaking visuals.


The small bit of hair that covers one side of his forehead gives an added touch to the overall style.


Depending on his facial expressions, he can go from charisma to cute in seconds!



But honestly, we know there isn’t a style that V can’t pull off! Watch the BTS’s full reaction to their music video below!

Source: theqoo