BTS’s V Reveals His Ultimate Tip For Keeping A Straight Face During Photoshoots

TXT’s Yeonjun was taking notes.

The Big Hit Entertainment family gathered for a photoshoot that everyone had been looking forward to, especially with the addition of TXT. With everyone in one place, it was just as fun as you’d expect.

Since they couldn’t stop themselves from laughing, BTS‘s V shared his ultimate tip for keeping whatever facial expression he needed.

When the photographer asked them all to look at each other without having conversations, there was only one logical option left. Instead, they began to laugh loudly, with Lee Hyun and J-Hope being the main ones full of laughter.

They couldn’t resist the urge so much that J-Hope wondered why they were laughing in the first place. Lee Hyun turned back to him and simply answered by laughing. Since they were making everyone else crack up as well, V stepped in to tell them how to keep their facial expressions in place.

In his experience, V has learned that the best way to keep himself from laughing: “The key here is not to look at your own members.” Since meeting their eyes would make him laugh, from seeing their funny faces or remembering a funny moment, it’s better to avoid them altogether.

To prove his point, V looked away from RM and to Yeonjun on his other side. As he made the playful facial expression he needed, V pointed to Yeonjun, showing how he was able to keep himself in character.

After being around BTS for so long, V knows how to keep a straight face when he needs to. Watch him give his helpful tip for the photoshoot here.