ARMYs Can’t Get Enough Of BTS V’s Vibes In The Intro For “Fake Love” In Riyadh

“No one was ready for this intro to Fake Love.”

For the “Fake Love” performance at their concert in Saudi Arabia, BTS‘s V prepared a little something special and different — and ARMYs simply can’t get enough!


The track starts off with V’s deep voice. Usually, when accompanied by the full choreography, V is standing in front of the other members while singing his part. For the Saudi Arabia concert, however, BTS decided not to do the full choreography. Therefore, V got to open the stage all by himself.


And here’s how he went about slaying his fans: As the stage lights brightened, ARMYs spotted V squatting in the middle of the stage…


… and soon, they became completely enchanted by the unrivaled vibe. V started singing, and as he became more visible, his visual, vocal, and mega-sexy vibe absolutely blew everyone away.


V’s deep stare into the camera left his fans breathless! ARMYs are now obsessing over this sensational intro to “Fake Love”.

No one was ready for this intro to Fake Love.



When you’re ready, watch V’s 12-seconds of bliss here: