BTS’s V Wouldn’t Let RM Eat His Snack In Peace

V turned RM’s snack time into game time backstage.

Being BTS‘s leader requires infinite patience at all times, including snack time.


Whenever RM‘s younger members see an opportunity to tease him, they take it.


Why? More like, why not!


A new Bangtan Bomb titled BTS Snack Time! should have been called, RM Can’t Eat In Peace. RM was munching some munchies, minding his own business, when decided to tease him like parents tease their toddlers.


Subtitles? Who needs them when RM’s glare is worth a thousand words?


Just when it looked like V was going to play nice, he popped the treat into his own mouth and walked away!


Moments later, RM was back to snacking, and V was back to his tricks.


When RM tossed his snack into the air, V snatched it and ate it!


Check out the  video here: