BTS V Boldly Stole Something From RM…His Reaction Is Priceless

V showed RM just how brazen he can be.

BTS‘s V can be as mischevious as he is talented, and RM has become the most recent target of his sneakiness.


On Episode 62 of Run BTS, BTS played a game in a sauna that awarded food and drinks only to the winners, but V found a way to bend the rules in his favor. He sweetly asked his members for a single sip and a bite…


…then took as much as he could!


The best moment was when V picked up a slice of watermelon and asked an unsuspecting RM to hold it. “I’ll have just a bite,” V assured RM, which technically wasn’t a lie.


V munched most of RM’s watermelon in that one bite, leaving him “Joonshook”. RM’s hilarious reaction is sure to become the latest meme!


For more, check out the whole episode here.