BTS’s V Startled Everyone at Rose Bowl Stadium by Lying in a Bed and Looking Seductive as Ever

V laid in bed while wearing a robe. He then took off that robe.

BTS recently performed at their first Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at the Rose Bowl Stadium in LA where V startled everyone by appearing on a white bed for his solo performance of “Singularity”.

V has performed “Singularity” many times in past concert performances, but they usually replicated the same choreography that can be seen in the official MV.

Despite being similar to the MV, V has always managed to make everyone stop their breathing in order to admire his captivating and dreamlike performance.

So when V showed his fans a new scene that involved a white bed that he was seen lying on, it might have been almost too much to handle for many fans, but in a good way, of course.

As V sang, “A sound of something breaking, I awake from sleep, a sound full of unfamiliarity, try to cover my ears but can’t go to sleep” with his very deep voice, the screen showed V’s handsome face on a white bed.

V’s past performances of “Singularity” was more than enough to captivate audiences, but this took it to the next level by teasing fans with a “bed scene” and helping them imagine the meaning of the lyrics more vividly.

Check out V’s recent performance of his song, “Singularity” below:


Source: Dispatch