V Called The “Run BTS!” Director A “Villain” And We’re Living For It

He wasn’t happy about losing this game.

BTS‘s V gave the director a piece of his mind on the latest episode of Run BTS!. 


After a three week break, BTS‘s Run BTS! returned with a brand new episode. In it, BTS competed to earn points through games and challenges. One of the games was a staring contest.


To pass, each member had to stare into the camera lens without blinking for 15 seconds. V jumped at the chance to go first…


…but it didn’t bring him any luck. V lost the staring match almost immediately!


Did he accept his failure willingly? Quietly? Heck no. He sulked off, grumbling about a “natural phenomenon”Jin and Suga both roasted V for his “lack of willpower”, but V blamed the wind.


As the contest went on, so did V’s adorable whining. He frequently glared at the man behind the camera…


…and he made this face for most of the game.


V made no attempt to hide his annoyance, and he let the director know exactly how he was feeling.


Just before Jimin‘s turn started, V cut in front of him to snap a picture of the camera, calling the camera (and the director behind it) a “villain”!


V’s puppy eyes may be impossible for ARMY to resist, but the staff couldn’t be swayed (this time)!


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